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Education is key. We strive to offer our preschoolers the best early learning development, which includes meals for growing, inquiring minds.

Our Mission

We aim to take as many kids off the street and enroll them in our preschools, so they can be safe, while learning and playing. We are striving to plant preschools in areas that are densely populated with local inhabitants, who are the poorest of the poor, but who’s children deserve an education and nourishment. We go where no-one else will, for the future of South Africa.

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Our Projects

All our projects have worked very well over the last 5 years and we believe that with additional financial assistance we can identify and continue to help many more families and children in the grass roots areas where we partner and work with the communities.

Indwedwe Container Pre-School
Soweto feeding program
(Gogo's Soup Kitchen)
Kya Sands Container Pre-School